“Estima has crafted a multi-layered play, incorporating music, dance, and wit with the intent of better portraying the young, complicated urbanite.”
— Xtra Daily
“Globetrotter, wordsmith, and wacky-wild wonder woman, Christine Estima is the gal that everyone wants to know.”
— View the Vibe
“…a video from Christine Estima, one of Toronto Twitter’s oldest sensations. Gut-wrenchingly honest, she shared her parting with the love of her life in a way that’ll haunt you long after watching it…It’s amazing.”
— Casey Palmer
“If you’re a lover of gritty street art and risqué Twitter humour, then you’ve likely already heard of Christine Estima.”
— TorontoVerve
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“I haven't told why I wrote the book, but I haven't told you why I sneeze, either. A book is a sneeze.”

— E.B White

I Have Recently Done Things!

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Check out my latest essay published in THE NEW YORK TIMES!!

Recently Performed

 I performed at Spark London in the UK and told a story about a time where I thought speaking up was the right thing to do but it went awry. Enjoy!

Recently Blogged

TFO, the Franco-Ontarian TV station, recently interviewed me about my collection of old love letters. You can watch the TV segment here!