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 Christine Estima is a published author, journalist, and playwright. With a focus on the arts, her published work includes short stories, creative non-fiction, op-eds, commentary, personal essays, travel writing, academic essays, political reportage, music/film/theatre/book reviews, event coverage, and interviews with celebrities and notable personalities in high-profile glossy magazines and daily newspapers. As a Spoken Word artist, she has performed at The Moth (New York City), Raconteurs (Toronto),  Spark London (UK), Pressgang Storytelling (Toronto), The Spoke/Outside The March (Toronto), and Grownups Read Things They Wrote as Kids (Canada), appearing on the curated podcasts of many of those. She is also a published photographer, with her work appearing in VICE, The Globe and Mail, subTerrain Magazine, EVENT, YYZ Living Magazine, NOW Magazine, The Grid, UKULA, and many other publications.

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