December 2015/January 2016, issue 6, volume 81 (GERMAN & ENGLISH)
Edited by Andreas Mink
"Victim Blaming in Toronto" or "Schutz in London, Hohn in Toronto"

August/September 2014, issue 4, volume 8 (ONLY IN GERMAN)
Edited by Andreas Mink
“Sketchtradition: Lachen mit Lorne” (pages 17-19)
Kultur: Stadt der Experimente” (pages 23-26)

YYZ Living Magazine
Maskull Lasserre (artist interview), YYZ Living Magazine
edited by Shivani Kumar, Summer 2012, issue IV, pages 82-85

Rob Ford graffiti gets the gallery treatment, (photography + artist interview), March 5, 2012
edited by Stuart Berman

The Rob Ford Graffiti Gallery (photography), August 12, 2011
edited by Stuart Berman

**Note, The Grid website is now defunct, please view below video for Rob Ford Graffiti Gallery photographs by Christine Estima



Men Do Comedy Good: #FHRITP Edition, Edited by Josh Visser, May 13, 2015, Canada Section






"Where Are You Really From?: I'm Just As Canadian As Any White Person,"  Metro Canada Weekend Edition October 2-4, 2015, Metro Views Section, page 18, edited by Genna Buck.