December 2015/January 2016, issue 6, volume 81 (GERMAN & ENGLISH)
Edited by Andreas Mink
"Victim Blaming in Toronto" or "Schutz in London, Hohn in Toronto"

August/September 2014, issue 4, volume 8 (ONLY IN GERMAN)
Edited by Andreas Mink
“Sketchtradition: Lachen mit Lorne” (pages 17-19)
Kultur: Stadt der Experimente” (pages 23-26)

YYZ Living Magazine
Maskull Lasserre (artist interview), YYZ Living Magazine
edited by Shivani Kumar, Summer 2012, issue IV, pages 82-85

Rob Ford graffiti gets the gallery treatment, (photography + artist interview), March 5, 2012
edited by Stuart Berman

The Rob Ford Graffiti Gallery (photography), August 12, 2011
edited by Stuart Berman

**Note, The Grid website is now defunct, please view below video for Rob Ford Graffiti Gallery photographs by Christine Estima


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An Open Letter To The Woman Who Asked Me To Kill Her Cat,  April 23, 2015, Stuff Section

I Googled My Mother's Maiden Name & Found My Family's Violent Secret,  April 10, 2015, Stuff Section

Collecting Nazi Junk at German flea Markets Made Me A Better Person,  March 18th, 2015, Stuff Section

I Conned My Way onto Two Reality Shows & Totally Got What I Deserved,  March 4th, 2015, Stuff Section

My Eyes Are Down Here: Calling Bushy Eyebrows 'Exotic' is Insulting, , February 25th, 2015, Fashion Section



Men Do Comedy Good: #FHRITP Edition, Edited by Josh Visser, May 13, 2015, Canada Section






"Where Are You Really From?: I'm Just As Canadian As Any White Person,"  Metro Canada Weekend Edition October 2-4, 2015, Metro Views Section, page 18, edited by Genna Buck.


'Meet the Next Plus-Size Instagram Star,' published December 4, 2017 (native/sponsored content in partnership with Addition-Elle)

'Meet the Lebanese Plus-Size Blogger who turned her Blog into a Legit Career,' published November 14, 2017 (native/sponsored content in partnership with Addition-Elle)

'This Plus-Size Fashion Photographer Preaches Body Positivity over Body Weight,' published November 14, 2017 (native/sponsored content in partnership with Addition-Elle)


The Walrus

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Why I Wish I Never Reported My Assault,” October 16, 2018, edited by Lauren McKeon, Justice section

"Why I Developed A Roll of Film I Found on the Curb," December 26, 2017, edited by Lauren McKeon, First Person section


New York Daily News

"Let Samantha Bee! Ivanka Trump Comments Were 'Locker Room Talk,' published May 31, 2018 (June 1, 2018 print edition page 4-5), edited by Joshua Greenman, Opinion section.


The New York Times

"Taking Back My Eyebrows," Style section, Rites of Passage, August 16, 2018, edited by Anya Strzemien and Jessica Bennet.


The Globe and Mail

My Love Affair with Forgotten Wartime Love Letters,”  web and print edition, November 10, 2018, Opinion, pg O8-O9, edited by Kevin Siu, Mark Medley, & Catherine Dawson-March.